How To Clean The Concrete Pump Pipeline Correctly

Pay attention to the following points when cleaning the concrete pump:

(1) After the operation, all the concrete in the hopper and the pipeline must be output, and then the pump, hopper and pipeline are flushed. The residual concrete can be used for concrete construction such as tunnel bottoming and side wall. The economical pipe cleaning method is to wash with water, and it can clean pipes of more than 260m each time.

(2) Precautions for washing with water:
  1. Performance parameters of the water pump used: the pressure is not less than 4.3MPa, and the flow rate is not less than 180L / min.
  2. Connecting pipe adopts variable diameter pipe. The filler (rubber piston, sponge ball, cement bag roll, etc.) must be tightly put into the variable diameter pipe which is larger than the conveyor pipe.
  3. When using sponge balls or cement bags for filling, the sponge balls or cement bags must be saturated with cement slurry.
  4. When the distance of cleaning conveyor pipe is long, proper amount of cement mortar should be put in before cleaning.
  5. When cleaning, personnel should be away from the nozzle and equipped with protective devices to avoid accidental injury.



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