How to improve the service life of cutting ring and wear plate

When the concrete pump is working, if the use of improper, it is easy to lead to premature damage of pump parts, especially some parts of the pump parts damage, which not only increased the cost of equipment maintenance, but also seriously affected the production schedule. It is worth discussing how to improve the service life of concrete pump wearing parts.

The cutting ring and the wear plate are a pair of closely matched parts with relative motion. The contact surface of both of them is welded with a layer of wear-resistant material. The gap between them can be adjusted in (0.1 ~ 0.2) mm through the special nut at the end of s-shaped spline shaft. A rubber spring mounted between the s-tube and the cutting ring enables the cutting ring and the eyeglasses plate to move freely and flexibly in relation to each other.

With the extension of service time, the rubber spring loses its elasticity, and the joint surface between the cutting ring and the wear plate will be worn, leading to the increase of the gap between the two. When the clearance is >0.7mm, it needs to be adjusted immediately, otherwise the pumped mortar will enter by "clearance". Once the mortar enters the friction surface, the wear rate of the cutting ring and wear plate will be greatly accelerated.

When pumping concrete, the cutting ring swings with the swing of the s-shaped pipe, playing the role of cutting concrete, so the cutting ring wear speed is faster, the higher the pressure of concrete at the exit, the worse the wear of the cutting ring. Normally, the cutting ring wear first occurs on the edge, and a 90 ° in the upper two symmetrical parts. Therefore, when the above parts of the cutting ring wear, the cutting ring can be promptly rotated by an Angle to continue to use, which is equivalent to the cutting ring service life will be doubled.

The wear of the wear plate first occurs at the middle of the nose bridge, and the greater the gap between the wear plate and the cutting ring, the faster the wear rate. Therefore, it is necessary to always pay attention to the clearance between the wear plate and the cutting ring. Once the clearance is increased, it is necessary to tighten the special-shaped nut or replace the worn parts immediately to prevent the mortar from entering the friction surface. When the rubber spring loses its elasticity, it needs to be replaced immediately. For the repaired cutting ring and wear plate, it can be repaired with D507 electrode and used again.



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