Maintenance method for important components of concrete pump truck

Pump trucks are the most popular mechanical equipment in concrete construction. However, due to the high-intensity construction work, the pump truck will have various wear and failures with the increase of the use time. Therefore, the maintenance on weekdays is very important, especially for the maintenance of the center components! Now let's introduce the maintenance methods for these important parts.

Manual lubrication grease pump

Wash the vehicle before each pumping and after pumping, and then check if the grease pump tank is filled with grease, pull the handle of the grease pump, and observe whether there is oil overflow at the bearing and S tube shaft head. During the operation, the grease pump handle should be pulled 10 times every 1 hour. Keep the lubrication system clean, avoid dust and other impurities, and do not contact with acid and alkali substances. The lubrication system should be cleaned once every 500 hours.

Lubricant cup

There are lubricant cups on the swing valve cylinder. Before the pumping operation starts, the oil cup must be filled with grease for lubrication. During the operation, the cover should be lubricated once every 4 hours to make the spherical friction surface lubricated.


When the coating of the conveying cylinder is not worn away, and there is concrete slurry or sand in the water tank at the rear of the piston, it means that the piston is worn out, and the sealing body, the guide ring and the dust seal should be replaced immediately. The piston can be retracted to the pumping water tank by operating the control panel. We should check the piston frequently. In addition, after the piston is retracted to the water tank, the sealing body and the guide ring on the piston should be cleaned and coated with lithium grease, this can effectively extend the life of the piston.

Maintenance of booms, legs and turntables

Grease nozzles are specially designed at the hinge points of the booms of the pump trucks, at the joint shafts of the four legs and the supports, and at the turntables. Generally, the grease fitting is required to be refueled every 60 working hours. It should generally be completely lubricated with grease until oil spills stop.

Rotary reducer

The gear oil is changed for the rotary reducer every 500 operating hours, and the gears in the rotary deceleration are greased every 3 months. If dirt is found on the gear surface during the inspection, it should be removed in time to avoid damage to the gear. If the nut and bolt for fastening are found to be loose, they should be replaced. 



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