Proper use of delivery pipes and delivery cylinders

Delivery pipe

When connecting the pipe, be sure to start the connection from the outlet of the pump, from front to back. Do not connect the two ends first, then connect the middle.

Incorrect connection will cause "internal forces" between the pipes, which can easily cause the pipe to break from the joint. After the pipeline is connected, the outlet of the pump, the elbow, and the suspended space of the pipeline must be fixed firmly to prevent damage of pipeline when working.

Because the closer to the pump, the higher the pressure of the concrete in the pipeline, the thicker pipe is used at the pump interface, which increases the service life of the pipe and reduces the possibility of pipe bursting.

Piston and delivery cylinder

The piston is generally made of polyurethane material, which is more elastic and wear-resistant, and the inner wall of the delivery cylinder is also plated with wear-resistant material. There are two kinds of lubrication methods between the piston and the delivery cylinder: one is automatic lubrication, one for each pumping, the fueling system automatically adds one lubricating oil; the other is a manual refueling system, which requires manual refueling. For the automatic refueling system, it is necessary to regularly check whether the oil passage is unblocked, because the piston and the delivery cylinder will be sharply worn once the oil passage is blocked. For the manual refueling system, the operator should replenish the lubricating oil regularly according to the working environment, usually 1 Times / h.

Tips: When refueling, be sure to jog the piston to the lower part of the vertical refueling point so that the lubricant just enters the oil groove in the middle of the piston.
In addition, the water temperature of the cooling water in the water tank is also very important. The water temperature is too high, which will also aggravate the wear of the piston. It is necessary to frequently replace the cooling water in the water tank.



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