Structure of Concrete Pump Truck

Concrete pumping truck is a kind of equipment which integrates the pumping system for pumping concrete and the boom system for distributing material on the chassis of automobile. The pumping system uses the power of chassis engine to pressurize the concrete in hopper into the pipeline. The pipeline is attached to the boom. The operator controls the movement of the boom and sends the concrete pumped by the pumping system directly to the pouring point.

Basic structure

General drawing of concrete pump truck: 1. chassis; 2. boom system; 3. slewing system; 4. hydraulic system; 5. electrical system; 6. pumping system

There are many kinds of concrete pump trucks, but their basic components are the same. The concrete pump truck mainly consists of chassis, boom system, slewing device, pump system, hydraulic system and electrical system. As shown in the following figure:

1. The chassis is composed of automobile chassis, PTO (transfer box) and secondary beam.

2. The boom system is composed of several parts, such as boom, connecting rod, oil cylinder and connecting parts.

3. The slewing system is composed of turntable, rotary mechanism, connecting frame and supporting structure.

4. The pumping system consists of six parts: pumping mechanism, hopper, S valve assembly, swing mechanism, stirring mechanism, piping assembly and boom piping.

5. Hydraulic system is mainly divided into pumping hydraulic system and boom hydraulic system. Pumping hydraulic system includes main pumping oil system, distribution valve oil system, mixing oil system and water pump oil system. The boom hydraulic system includes three parts: boom oil system, leg oil system and rotary oil system. The hydraulic system is mainly composed of hydraulic pumps, valves, accumulators, hydraulic motors and other hydraulic components.

6. The electrical system is mainly composed of control cabinet, remote controller and other electrical components.



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