What should be paid attention to when transporting concrete pump trucks?

Pump trucks are commonly used mechanical equipment, which increases construction efficiency and makes construction easier. In order to ensure the safety of construction, what principles should be followed for the transportation of concrete pump trucks? This is a problem that many construction parties are very concerned about.
In order to ensure the safety of drivers and other personnel, we need to understand some safety common sense in pumping and driving, so it is very important to follow some principles. So what principles must be followed before the concrete pump truck travels? Specifically, it can be done from the following aspects:

1, Make sure that the boom of the pump truck has been fully closed and fixed, otherwise it is not allowed to drive on the road.

2, Check whether the support legs of the concrete pump truck are retracted in place and whether the lock of the support legs is locked.

3, Check the closure and sealing of the oil tank and water tank of the pump truck, and no leakage is allowed.

4, Conduct safety inspection of concrete pump chassis (such as brake system, steering system, lighting system and tire pressure, etc.).

5, Observe the weight of the whole vehicle.

6, Check the tire surface of the pump truck. If it is a double tire, check whether there is any sundries between them.

7, Check whether the whole vehicle accessories are fixed in a safe position.

8, Switch the chassis to the driving state.



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